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iCloud is no doubt one of the free email applications from iCloud Customer Service which boasts of a number of unique features such as huge storage space, IMAP access and other amazing features. A free icloud email account offers you large storage space i.e. up to 5 GB of space for your use which is extremely beneficial for the ones who look for extra space to save their documents. An iCloud Customer Service Number user can easily send, receive and manage email by using the email app on iCloud.com from a Windows web browser and Mac. This mail, being widely appreciated by all, is used by innumerable users throughout the world.

How to reset iCloud Password For iCloud Customer

  1. First & foremost, open one of the web browsers like Safari on your iOS device.
  2. After Safari is all set then please visit this web page https://iforgot.apple.com.
  3. Tap "Enter your Apple ID" that is a first option on the Password Retrieval page.
  4. Type your e-mail in the specified field. After typing it tap "Next" button.
  5. On the new page tap either to select "Reset By Email" or "Answer Security Questions" options.
  6. If "Reset By Email" is chosen then a reset mail will be sent to your recovery e-mail. Please check your recovery to do the password reset.
  7. If you wish to receive live assistance for iCloud password reset or recovery then do avail iCloud Customer Service

How to change iCloud password For Apple Customer

  1. On the same browser visit this page "https://appleid.apple.com/".
  2. Tap "Manage your Apple ID" button. Now please do the sign in.
  3. Now Tap "Password and Security". Some security questions will be raised that should be answered.
  4. Tap "Change Password" in the Choose a new password section.
  5. Type your previous iCloud password. Now type a new password & confirm it.
  6. Finally tap "Change Password" only after new password is specified.
  7. Try to sign-in with the new password.

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